Why does this program work?

Our members recognize that continued home maintenance is important, not only to preserve home value but for health and safety reasons, too. With United Home Services, members and their families are confident that their lifestyle is as secure as it can be. We know that home is where most seniors want to be, and by making this service available, we help our members live safely and independently, at home, for as long as possible.

United Home Services is a not-for-profit organization providing adults 55 and older, and disabled individuals, with a full range of non-medical services designed to enhance independence and the ability to remain living comfortably at home.

New members receive a Needs & Safety Assessment and Home Inspection at no cost, including changing smoke detector batteries. Most services are provided at an affordable hourly rate, including minor home repairs, housekeeping, shopping, errands and general yard work. Licensed plumbing, electric and general contracting services are available upon request, always with a free estimate. (Licensed services are not yet available in all areas.)

Services requested most often:

Year-round, our members call us for all sorts of assistance. Here are some of the most popular, up to and including licensed services and Personal Emergency Response Service.

Handyman & carpentry repairs. We can help you with many minor home repairs, such as fixing a leaky faucet, a loose porch rail, fence or squeaky cabinet door, or replacing weather-stripping, a light bulb, or a shutter that’s been blown down in a storm.

Housecleaning. Scheduled at your convenience: regular appointments or just once in a while. (Yes, we do windows. And bathrooms, too.)

Packing/unpacking/de-cluttering. Moving can be difficult enough, but our handymen and housekeepers can help make it less stressful. You supervise, and we’ll get you settled in no time. We can also help you sort through and dispose of years of clutter, in your spare room or your garage.

Painting. New members usually attend to their important home maintenance and safety issues first, then they realize what a difference making a small change in their surroundings can make. Painting is an affordable way to redecorate, and can make a positive difference in one’s emotional well-being.

Grocery shopping. Provide us with your list, and we’ll keep your pantry well stocked.

Personal errands. We can pick up your prescriptions, or even a birthday gift for your grandchild.

Seasonal services, including:

  • Gutter and drain cleaning.
  • Install/remove air conditioners.
  • Snow Removal – as available.

Some additional services (not yet available in all areas):

  • Licensed Plumbing. Scheduled work and emergency plumbing repairs. Available evenings and weekends.
  • Licensed Electric.
  • Licensed contractors. We can help with minor/major modifications such as installing grab bars in bath areas, wheelchair ramps, and widening doorways for easy access. We can install new windows, doors and siding, and free estimates are provided.
  • United Lifeline Personal Emergency Response Service. Custom installed in your home, at an attractive member-only price. (Please visit unitedlifeline.com for more detailed information and to arrange for service).

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